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About Tre lowen
Welcome to the home of Tre Lowen, a phrase that literally means "happy home".

Tre Lowen is both a raiding and social guild that was formed in May of 2008. We are one of the largest raiding guilds on Hellfire with a proven success in 25 and 10 person raiding. We are progressing well into the New Mists of Pandaria Content, having cleared MSV, HoF, ToES and ToT on normal way before new patches with next content arrived, as well getting few Heroic kills on the way. Most of our progress has been on 10 man, yet when we could we managed to advance on 25 man as well. Now with Siege of Ogrimmar we managed to clear 8 bosses on 10 man in mere first week of raiding. As well working on 25 man content from second week and making sure to utilise new Flex system. Our aim is to have fun in friendly environment not progress itself. We like downing new bosses, yet we not trying to be hardcore raiders but simply enjoy game with friends in well organised raids. 

We are now working towards expanding our raiding roster for more possibilities and re-establish ourselves as 25 man guild. When it's not possible we do our best to form two 10 man teams.
Our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and an optional Monday raid.
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