About Tre Lowen
Welcome to the home of Tre Lowen, a phrase that literally means "happy home".

Tre Lowen is both a raiding and a social guild that was formed in May, 2008. We are one of the largest guilds on Hellfire with a proven success in 25- and 10-man raiding. We have progressed well through all content since The Burning Crusade throughout all expansions, finishing with all heroic kills in Siege of Ogrimmar in Mists of Pandaria way before 6.0 patch arrived. Most of our progress in the last expansion has been on 10 man, yet when we could, we managed to advance on 25 man as well. Along the way during Warlords of Draenor we expanded our roster and management structure to strengthen and secure a stable raiding and generally, a gaming community within Tre Lowen. We are running 2 raid teams and also do combined runs. 

Our vision is to have everyone in the guild play and enjoy World of Warcraft at his/her own level and pace.

We are open for recruitment both for mythic ànd heroic raiding ATM. 
We are looking for dedicated players only.

For mythic we are looking for more damage dealers (DK, Mage, Shammy)
We are only interested in skilled, experienced and dedicated players, ready to perform at our current progress.

For our HC team we are looking for a healer (shammy or monk) and DPS (no mage or warrior and preferably a hybrid class being able to properly play a non DPS OS)
Being geared and ready to kill is a must! 

Exceptional and social applications will always be considered.

If you are looking for a mature place to tackle the latest challenges Azeroth has to offer, you might find your place here. Before applying, please read the rule section on the Forums and make sure you understand them and agree to them.  

Our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday and an optional raid on Sunday.
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