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re: App: Royale666

The application submitted by Royale666 is as follows:

Name : Royale
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Hellfire
Level : 60
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Death Knight
Spec 1 : Blood
Spec 2 : Unholy

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About you:

What is your real-life name?:

And age?:

Where are you from?:

Raider or Social?:

How can we contact you? (Battletag / Discord name):
Discord: Royale#0426 / Battletag: Utag#2690

About your main World of Warcraft character (toon):


Main spec:

Melee dps

Your history:

Play history (guilds, realms, etc.):
I have played since vanilla and raided everything in its time on varying levels of hardcore-ness. I've played all classes, even have many duplicate classes for horde/alliance. Currently I am having a DK as my main and enjoy tanking. I realize there are not many tank spots in established guilds. I have a fully geared Unholy OS that I am comfortable playing.
In this tier I am 10/10HC, 2/10M with some progress on Hungering Destroyer.

Reasons for leaving previous guilds:
I have been in several guilds over the many years I've played this game. Most of them disband between expansions. At the moment the guild I am in is slowly falling apart and the atmosphere is turning negative.

What is your highest Raiding experience?:
Phew. Probably when we were in a race for server first Lich King 25HC back in WotLK. We ended up 2nd by a few hours.

Let's take a look at your UI, preferably during a raid. You can make a screenshot using a website like or to upload one and copy/paste the link here.:

Post a link to World of Logs, or meters: (if you are able to):

Are you able and willing to play your offspecs, and how well?:
Yes. I play everything quite well, especially my main's OS. :)

Our raiding nights are Wednesday and Sunday 20:15 - 23:30 server time. Will you be able to attend on these days?:

Do you have any issues with using Discord to listen and communicate during Raids?:
No issues.

Final questions:

Why do you want to join Tre Lowen, and why should we accept you?:
I want to join you because you are in the higher segments of raiding guilds on this realm group, which fits with my expectations and desires for playing this game.
You should accept me because I am a great player with many years of raiding experience on all classes.

Are there any members in Tre Lowen that you already know?:
I don't think so.

Any additional comments that you would like to add:
I was unable to select Kul Tiran + Death Knight in the menu at the start, so I chose human.
Looking forward to your reply.



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re: APPROVED - App: Royale666 - by *Integro*


Thank you for your application to Tre Lowen. We will come back to you shortly.

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