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re: Reapplication


Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Lareste

After a 9 month Hiatus from Alliance and Arathor I have returned and am looking to rejoin your fine ranks. I cant find the proper place to apply as my permissions are a bit wonky from being an ex-raider.

I am applying to play on my Shammy Verdinium as Ele with Resto OS. I am frantically trying to catch up with gear (as i only returned to retail form classic last Wednesday) but given the new raid next week it seemed a good time.

I am currently 429/67 and will be pushing it up over the weekend. 
Armoury link:

This expac has sen be flit about a bit and when I left Alliance and Arathor back in March 19 (yes it was that long ago!) it was for RL issues and another issue which Integro is aware of. So I'll summarise BFA uickly:


Regank HPala 5/8M

Verdinium 4/8M Alt for shammy CDs - linked above


Rella H/D Priest 3/9M got 3/9M here, needed a break from XYZ so I xfered to Horde, joined a guild, who xfered to Tarren Mill (paying for my xfer), then levelled a rogue as they lost of all of theirs in the xfer


Rysiala Rogue: 5/9M Xfer guild collapsed and I was picked up by another guild, got 5/9M


Rysiala: 3/8M Got to Ashvein and Classic decimated retail so I joined the wave and played Classic, cleared MC, fully geared a HPriest and then came back to retail.



Please can I rejoin your ranks, I promise to mock Lareste, continue to have a man crush on Matiks and vow to not stand in fire, interrupt, kill the add and press buttons.

Btw call me Rek or Verd NOT Reggie (Looking at you Integro) or Verdy, that one sounded like you wanted to lure me into a non descript white van (belonging to Lareste no doubt)


Friendly mage

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re: Reapplication


Nobody is reading this these days :P 
I think this alliance no longer exists, but I really have no clue of what happend.

Last I checked this place was about 10 years ago :)

It came to mind, since someone invited me to play Classic.

Anyways, if any old members read this.

I'm saying Hi as very old Mage You know... the Friendly one ;)

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