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re: DECLINED - App: silverfox180 - by *Integro*


Hello Owen, thank you for taking the time to apply to Tre Lowen. 

However, I think you missed/skipped several important points in your application.

Social or Raider application? - Either you want to join us as a casual player or a Raider - we do not have a "Social Raider" rank in TL. 

Secondly, you failed to list relevant raiding experiences. Upon inspecting your profile, I learned that you have literally 0 Mythic raiding experience, and barely any Legion raiding experience. "Taking place in raids since Mists of Pandaria" is a vague statement, so please elaborate a bit on what you raided and when. 

You also haven't mentioned if you know anyone in TL, or if you have friends inside the guild. 

Feel free to poke anyone from TL for a chat about this, and hope to hear from you soon! :)


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re: App: silverfox180

The application submitted by silverfox180 is as follows:

Name : Káítö
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Hellfire
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Pandaren
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Brewmaster
Spec 2 : Windwalker

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About you

What is your real name?:

What is your age?:

Where do you live?:

Is this a Mythic raider, or a social application?:

About your main character


Main spec:

I don't have an offspec

Your history

Play history (guild, realms, etc.):
I played since Mists Of Pandaria, the favourite guild I was in was Ancient Civilizations

Reasons for leaving previous guilds:
To find a better one. Maybe this could be discussed further after induction.

Computer stuff

Do you have an authenticator? Have you ever gotten hacked?:
Again, something I don't usually discuss with others for security reasons.

Please list the most relevant information about your computer (think CPU, RAM, GFX Card, etc).:
Intel 4790k Processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia 1060 Graphics Card, Msi Gaming 7 Motherboard

Raiding, gear and spec (only needed for raider applications)

Previous WoW raid experience (please list your experience, and the character(s) you experienced it on):
I have taken place in raids since Mists Of Pandaria

Please explain your choice of talents.:
I feel the talents I chose were reccomended largely by other people but I decided in the end what would work best.. Mitigation is always very important for us Brewmasters.

Do you have any alts that may help us get more insight in your raiding experience? If so, list them here and elaborate, please.:
I also have a healer, BruceMighty (Holy Priest) but he hasn't raided much... Overall Káítö is my main.

Our raiding nights are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:15 - 23:30 server time. Will you be able to attend on these days?:

Are there any periods of time in the upcoming future that you can see affecting your capability of meeting the required sign ups we expect of our core raiders?:

We use Discord to communicate with each other during raids, do you have any issue with also using this software to listen and/or speak during raiding times?:

Do you have a mic? And are you able to vocally communicate on Discord during raid time?:

Which addons do you use specifically for raiding, and why?:
i use ElvUI as my main UI as it lays everything out for me and very customizeable, Tidyplates to show threat, DBM Bigwigs as one usually covers something the other does not. Weakauras for showing stagger, PhoenixStyle because everyone likes to blame the tank first and a few more.

Are you a clicker (do you use the mouse to activate your spells, or the keyboard)?:
A bit of both

Final questions

Why do you want to join Tre Lowen, and why should we accept you?:
I want to be part of a long established group to meet new people and be an asset to a fully functional team. I have different characters and most professions if you should need them.

What are your in-game goals except character-development?:
To better my skillset and learn more about the classes I play always.

Confirm that you understand and agree to everything:
I confirm I understand and agree to the items discussed in this list lol

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