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re: Raid Rules




We aim to provide in Tre Lowen a comfortable yet professional raid atmosphere in our main team progression runs wether they be Heroic or Mythic and as such we demand a certain standard of every member in the raid whatever their role or rank within the guild to ensure a smooth and productive raid that is enjoyable for all.



In the Raid Tab of the forums you will find all the raids that have been posted by the officer team and raid leaders , as per your application to this guild , all players who are on trial for the raider rank and existing raiders are requiried to sign for all three main raid days (Wednesday , Thursday , Monday) in due time , with appreciation shown for prompt and early signing to ensure the raid leaders have enough time to plan the raid. There will be on occasion a 4th NON-Mandatory Raid for progression on kills that are well within our reach.

You must be signed up 12 hours before a raid is scheduled to take place to be considered for a spot, as the raid leaders will be finalising the team then. We do understand however that there are real life emergencies / important events that must take priority so if there is a birthday/wedding or whatever on planned times of raids , we ask you to sign the Absences sheet in the Raiders forum and sign for the appropriate raid as soon as it goes live on the raid calender as unavailable with the reason.



Mythic Raids and Heroic Raids where the sign up composition isn't balanced , the Raid Leaders will place people on standby for the group , if you have been selected as standby you must be ready to take another raiders place in the team if there is any form of issue and forms the backbone of our entire team and standby's are awarded for their vigilance accordingly gaining the same amount of EP that the team recieves at the end of the night. You may continue to play normally and do other activities or play another game , but our requirements for standby is that you are reachable by instant message / telephone call / internat call / be on discord and you are immediately ready to pull when summoned. Real life can come calling and if you cannot stay on standby and must disappear we ask you to observe the same rules as people in the raid , whisper a member of the RL/Officer team with a detailed reason.



Raiders must be ready for invites at the entrace to the raid instance 15 minutes before hand if you will struggle to be ready on the night if you have a busy day ahead , please make sure you are parked outside the instance and ready for invites as soon as you are online.

In Mythic raiding we are fighting very hard and most of the time very unforgiving fights and as such we require your best at all times and you must be 100% enchanted with the best possible stats on each applicable piece of amor , in mythic we also demand pre-pots and pots to be used later in the fight when RL's call for them and the best food for your class role , 225/300 food will not do - 375 Must be used , flasks are to be always used during raid hours to optimize performance with the addition of the new Vantus runes too!. Please turn up for raids with fully repaired gear , if you ask for a repair after the first wipe you will slow the raid down and people will not be best pleased.



375 Food

Double Pot for DPS and appropriate pots for other specs


Vantus for Mythic progression

Full Gem and Enchants


Food and enchants only help to kill bosses , every person in the raid team is requiried to have a clear understanding of the fight ahead and be able to explain a mechanic if required , before pull RL's will assign groups , placement of abilities etc but we can't hold hands and spend time explaining the in's and out's of a Mythic Fight when it will only cost you 10 minutes of your time to watch a boss vid once , our preferred choice of research is the FatBoss Youtube raiding guides to gain an understanding of mechanics. This does not tie us to their tactics and the RL's will change certain aspects of fights if we feel it is needed so you must be adaptable to all the teams needs.

We use the Discord Chat Client to communicate in raids , in heroic and mythic runs we demand an observation of chatter silence during fights , chatting only distracts players and reduces our performance , only the Raid Leader's will generally guide you during the fight but we are also trying just as hard as you to kill the boss in front of us so we can't hand hold and track and guide you through every single mechanic , you will be briefed  before the fight how we wish certain mechanics to be handled , and we will guide important phase changes / points during the fight but if you understand the fight as we expect then you will know how to deal with mechanics we explain. There maybe times you might spot something that could be useful to the fight , but wait until a fight is over , confusing people during an encounter is the fastest way to wipe one and annoy your fellow raiders , the RL's will be receptive to advice and act according if we deem it useful.


If a fight goes south and the tank gets smacked across the room or the healers get blown up or too many dps stand in fire then the RL's may decide to call a Wipe and is the only authority to call it , if you die , we don't need to hear your IRL death sequence and keep calm and quiet so the rest of the raid can focus. If someone dies at certain point in the fight , again only a RL is allowed to make the call on a combat res even if it is your best buddy on the floor we may need to save the res for a tank / healer to continue an otherwise doomed pull. When a wipe occurs you must be ready to release instantly and get back and be ready to pull , slack run back times cost the raid on average 15 minutes equivalent to a few pulls that we could kill the boss on , remember your wasting our time aswell as your own!

If you have a disagreement with another player , NEVER argue during a pull , it will distract players will usually cause a wipe , inform a member of the officer team if such an action occurs and they will bring it to the RL's attention if they feel it affects the raid but will ensure it's sorted in a calm manner. Leaving the raid because of such a dispute will result in a serious fine on your EP and GP , a raiding ban or in some cases a Guild Kick will be considered , in a 20 man raid you basically screwing 19 other players nights up and will not be tolerated. You will be alloted 10 minutes for a raid break and you must be ready to pull when the timer expires if not you will incur a GP penalty.



You may use whatever addons you wish to play this game however in raids you are required to use 5 mandatory addons they are; EPGP Lootmaster and the DKP reloaded patch , Angry Assignments , Exorsus Raid Tools and Deadly Boss Mods. All can be found on the website and installed via their client or through a manual install where the addon file must be unzipped into the Addon's tab in the interface folder in the main program files folder for world of warcraft.

EPGP for Loot

Angry Assignments for Raid Notes

Exorsus for Raid Leaders to use for specific fights where clear placements are needed and other checks

DBM for Boss Encounter Help



With the EPGP lootmaster (Effort Points , Gear Points) addon we administer our raid team with rewards , fines and use it also to distribute loot gained from boss kills. Each player , standby or raiding , will recieve +1600EP for a nights work , be that for a full nights slog on progression or a 2 hour clean-up run. These EPs will reflect your work for the team and show your priority on a loot basis to recieve a piece of gear in which you will pay for with GP , lowering your priority to recieve an upgrade next fight. The raid leaders may on occasion choose to overrule this priority system if it is a crucial upgrade for a tank or healer so they can better keep the raid alive for future kills. Every wednesday before the first raid a decay of -10% for both EP and GP will take place for everyone with points.


These will be implemented straight away upon offence

Showing late to a raid: +500GP

Late from Break: +500GP

No Show for Raider/Standby (Without preagreed reason for standby): +2000GP

Cancel within 12 hours of Raid Start: +1000GP

1st No Sign as either Available/Unavailable for Raid in a Month: +500GP

2nd No Sign as either Available/Unavailable for Raid in a Month: +1000GP

3rd No Sign as either Available/Unavailable for Raid in a Month: +2000GP and Demoted to Trial

3rd No Show in a Month: Demoted to Trial with EPGP Halved

Not being prepared with everything required Mythic Standard: +500GP


If the above is observed with care and respect we will have a enjoyable time clearing the hardest fights blizzard can throw at us , and is in place to make sure we all enjoy ourselves will doing it.


Regards from the TL Officer and Raid Leader Team

Integro , Buttons , Hellchicken , Souldodo , Aspire and Morse

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